Helping Keep Montana Safe!

We provide a service to the community in which we live that will help prevent the proliferation of drunk driving on our roadways.

Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices Work!

"Studies have shown that igniton interlocks can decrease repeat offenses by 64 pecent. We have the technology and we know how to reverse the trend. Athough the laws haven't been passed yet making this techonology mandatory for ALL convicted DUI offenders." Quoted by MADD website at MADD.ORG

Accurate And Secure

  • Personal security code must be entered on the keyboard
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) accurately measured from 4-second breath sample
  • 3-place Digital Display (0.000%-0.200%) shows %BAC with "Pass" or "Fail" indicator
  • If BAC is below preset safety level, normal vehicle ignition is permitted. If BAC exceeds preset level, ignition is automatically prevented
  • Cheating attempts are detected and tests are invalidated
  • Accuracy backed by in-house Alchohol Standards Laboratory
  • Memory

  • Date and time of all tests
  • Record of any attempt to tamper with the system
  • Print out of test results available for case load management
  • Convenient

  • Quick and simple, the complete test procedure takes less than 10 seconds
  • Easy test that becomes routine